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To be properly prepared for the action week, we recommend you visit an NVDA-training beforehand. There will be two of them on the camp. Please also read the packing list (DE) , the action consensus, the documents about the legal situation (DE) and the infos below.

Antirep-number: 077 949 40 47

The first part of the action week is aimed at private banks and will also include a big, colourful mass action of civil disobedience. There are different action levels, including some with lower levels. You have to be at the camp from Sunday 01 August 17:00 at the latest to take part in the action! The actions will take place between 30.07. and 5.8.

Please note the following dates:

Action Plenum
👉 Sunday 01.08. 17:00 at the camp.
Come to the action plenary if you want to be part of the action from the beginning. There you will find all the important information you need to take part. Participation in the plenary is compulsory!
NVDA training
👉Saturday 31.07. 14:00-17:00 in the camp
👉Sunday 01.08. 10:30-13:30 at the camp
You want to take part in the Rise Up, but you haven't had time to visit an action training in your region yet? No problem! There will be two more at the camp this weekend.

Affinity group speed dating
👉 Sunday 01.08. 15:00 in the camp
If you are coming to the action alone or are still looking for people for your affinity group, we would recommend you to come to the affinity group speed dating.

There might be some changes in the schedule during the week. These will be announced in good time.

If you have any questions, you can always contact @actionpointCH.



Under this link you will also find the action consensus, which is valid for the entire RUFC action week. The action consensus serves to ensure that the Rise Up for Change remains transparent and assessable for all participants. The RUFC Alliance assumes that all participants will behave within this consensus during all actions.


⚡️Important information Antirep⚡️

Action days in Zurich are coming up soon! In preparation for possible repression, the Antirep team has made a brochure on the legal situation in Zurich. In French there is only one on the legal situation in Bern, but it is very similar. There is also a short two-pager with a short version:
👉 Be sure to read both the two-pager and the brochure carefully if you plan to take part in the action!
👉 If you have any further questions, write us an email at or come to our info stand at the camp on Sunday 1 August from 15:00-20:00.
👉If you come into contact with the police during or after the action, please call 077 949 40 47.


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