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Action consensus Rise Up For Change 2021

Actions, which the Rise Up For Change alliance mobilises for, will have the following action consensus as a minimum, individual actions may have their own complemetary one.

Given the urgency of the climate crisis achieving climate justice is an absolute necessity. Therefore we aim for radically changing the cultural, social, political and economic structures that are responsible for the current climate crisis.

  • We oppose all forms of domination and discrimination – because we respect all life.

  • Violence against and endangerment of living beings is rejected as a form of action and we will neither escalate nor engage in provocation.

  • We respect the personal boundaries of other activists.

  • We aim for a respectful behaviour towards everyone, even if we do not agree with their function, aim or actions

  • We aim for an image of diversity, creativity and openness.

  • Our actions will be followed by the media and photographers. Of course, no one must make themselves recognisable; creative disguises belong to the action as much as revealed faces.

  • We will stick to the communicated (internal RUFC) Covid rules.

  • During and after the action we will act in solidarity and support each other in the case of repression or legal issues.

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