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Demands addressed to bank employees and managers

Demands addressed to the Swiss National Bank (SNB), FINMA and federal and cantonal authorities (6)

This year we have set ourselves the goal of making our campaign as inclusive and diverse as possible. For this we have a survey, from which we hope for the broadest possible feedback from the movements, from allied organizations, but also from civil society - so that YOU can really stand behind the action. In doing so, we try to have few and very specific demands, to be taken more seriously and to have more impact.









1. Transparency: Immediate disclosure of all financial flows and their impact on planetary limits. (2)

2. No new investments that cause emissions (3): From now on, new investments must be climate-friendly (4).

3. Net 0 by 2030: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions caused by financial flows and previous investments to net 0 by 2030. (5)



1. The SNB fulfills all the requirements of banks and is setting a positive example.

2. The SNB and FINMA
regulate the banks in such a way that climate-friendly investments are worthwhile. (7)

3. The SNB makes much more of its enormous profits (our common wealth) available for the
common good . (8)

4. Federal and cantonal climate assemblies , which are based on the principle of climate justice, now decide on the use of the National Bank's profits. (9)


1. Whistle-blowing: Inform the public about climate-hostile financing as long as the bank does not do it itself.

2. Self-reflection: Can I really take responsibility for the destruction of livelihoods by my employer and take part?

3. Organization in unions or local collectives so that there is a shift in power within the bank.

4. Paying one's own bonuses or wage surpluses into a joint account , the use of which is determined by a climate assembly in accordance with the principle of climate justice. (10)


Demands addressed to the Swiss National Bank (SNB), FINMA and federal and cantonal authorities (6):

Here you can find the demands in other languages:

Thank you for joining in <3

PS.: This survey is public so feel free to share it with people outside the "bubble". The goal is to get encourage the discourse about the financial sector as soon as possible.


2) We want to know how much money flows into which sectors, industries and countries, and what impact these investments have on planetary boundaries (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, land use, see


3) Compliance with the International Energy Agency's recent conclusions, which stipulate NO financing of new fossil fuel projects as of 2021, to have a chance of limiting global temperature increase to 1.50 C. in 2050.


4)Climate justice requires a response to the climate challenge that takes into account its consequences for those most affected, especially in the global south, further generations, and a special effort from those responsible for this crisis.


5)This applies to domestic and foreign finance, investments and insurance services that lead directly or indirectly to greenhouse gas emissions. Establishment of a reduction path with clear measures by the end of 2021. See page 10-14:


6)The federal authorities must if necessary oblige SNB (and FINMA, the financial regulator) to respect the Paris Agreements and its mandate "to serve the interests of the country as a whole". Cantonal authorities must intervene as principal shareholders of SNB.


7)Financial regulation and banking policies of SNB and FINMA must dissuade private banks from fossil fuel investments, and encourage investment in low yield and long term investments favourable for the climate. 


8)The huge holdings (1000 billion CHF)  of SNB  - our common fortune - must be used for the public good by: a) climate positive investment policies; b) greatly enlarged distributions to the Federal government and Cantons from annual surplus profits, in order to finance the urgent social and energy transition, and to take responsibility for the climate chaos rich countries have provoked in the Global South. This source would involve neither additional taxation nor debt for our collectivities. Today, only 6 out of 40 billion are distributed, although legally two thirds should be; c) financing, and if it becomes necessary, by specific credit creation.


9)A first step towards the necessary democratisation​​​​​​​ of finance must be taken: We propose the organisation of Citizen's Assemblies in each canton, in order to propose a budget for the social and economic transition, to be financed notably by the additional billions of francs of the SNB.

10Interested bank employees can find corresponding account details under the following page:
Of course, the giving persons can also participate in the climate assembly that negotiates​​​​​​​ about its use.

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