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Do I have to have participated in other civil disobedience activities to be able to take part?
No! Everyone is welcome to take part in the action days! It doesn't matter if you have taken part in a similar action before or not at all. It is best to take part in an action training beforehand and find an affinity group. Then you will be well prepared.

Civil disobedience is illegal, won't I get in trouble?
We recommend that you get well informed before any action and that you are well prepared for the action. Read the legal brochure (coming soon) and come to an action training. Of course we do everything before, after and during the action to give activists legal advice and support. Nobody is left alone with the consequences of an action! You can also contact our legal team at at any time.

What are the legal consequences of participating in Rise Up for Change?
In the previous section you will find the link to the basic legal document (coming soon). The larger the number of people who participate, the lower the risk that the action will have legal consequences. However, everyone should be aware that participants in an action can be taken into custody and possibly even punished. But remember: you will never be alone in this. There is a legal team that provides legal advice and support. No one is left alone with the consequences of an action!

What is an affinity group?
An affinity group is a group of 3-12 people who go into an action together and look out for each other. At the climate camp and in the action trainings there will be the possibility to form affinity groups. Why affinity groups are so important and for more information, take a look here:

What is an action consensus?
An action consensus defines what the activists of an action want to do and what framework conditions they set for themselves. An action consensus makes an action assessable and transparent for all participants. You can find our action consensus here.

What is an nvda-training?
At an nvda-training, people with action experience introduce new people who would like to participate in civil disobedience for the first time to the tactics of such actions. It is about learning how to keep an overview in stressful situations, how to make decisions together and how to behave towards the police. You will learn what your rights are, what an affinity group is and how to make actions effective and safe for everyone involved. Here you can find nvda-trainings in your area.

Some of the organisations that support Rise Up for Change are quite radical. Are actions within Rise Up for Change also like that?
Well, first of all, "radical" translates as "getting to the root of something". And yes, with Rise Up for Change we demand fundamental change. But the actions are non-violent and we want to present an open and diverse picture. There will be no escalation from us, nor will we engage in provocations. In order to have a clear framework for this, we have developed an action consensus.

I don't want any legal problems. Can I still participate in Rise Up for Change?
Of course you can! A civil disobedience action needs a lot of helping hands and heads to support the activists in the action. Contact if you want to be part of the support. For information about approved actions and connection possibilities, join the info channel.

I'm not 18 yet, can I still come to the action?
Of course, but your parents may be informed if you are taken into custody by the police. Take a look at our legal aid brochure in a few days, as soon as it is available.

Can I only participate in Rise Up for Change actions or can I also plan my own action?
Actions within the framework of the action consensus are welcome and encouraged. In order to achieve the strongest possible overall impact, we would be very grateful if you could make arrangements in advance


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